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Albers Exhibit


The Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery,
University of Oregon - Eugene Oregon
The Gould Gallery, University of Washington -
Seattle Washington

Landry Smith and Esther Hegenlocher needed a collaborative manufacturing partner to build a movable, durable, and elegant solution to not only hang works by Joseph Albers, but also to be flexible to fill any gallery space. The design chosen was, in essence, a wooden framework. We were involved from the very beginning to engineer and refine the design with Landry Smith and Daniel Kendra.

As a team, we gravitated towards a locally farmed and harvested wood, Pacific Albus. The solid timber framework was joined using traditional techniques, along with CNC connection components, and common off-the-shelf hardware. The design was thought out in such a way that all the fittings faded into the background.

The framework is kept and is shared by partnering universities' art and architecture departments for continuing exhibitions and is constructed dismantled by students.

Yankee Built: in-shop fabrication, CNC services, in-shop assembly Landry Smith: Architect