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Harry Ritchie Boutique

2013 - present
USA West Coast

H boutique was a special project for Harry Ritchie's. It was the embodiment of a new younger-focused direction. Having anywhere from 20 to 30 boutiques across the west coast, Harry Ritchie's was seeking a new direction for their brand and a new experience for their clientele.

We worked with the interior architect, as well as the architect of record, to accomplish the vision set forth by the leadership of the company. The casework and store fixtures embodied movement and evoked ideas of luxury yacht interiors. Teak, for its tangible warmth, was the predominant material chosen and used in the construction of the casework and furniture. The interior needed to hold up to heavy use overtime, but also add beauty to the shop with years.

We have since built multiple shops taking gestures from this flagship boutique.

Yankee Built: casework manufacturing,
design assistance, on-site installation
Studio E Architecture: Architect
Hopper Design: Interior Architect